Slow Football Watching Day

Sunday October 29th 2017

It was another mid 80s day with full sunshine. I tried to sleep in this morning, but with the windows open I still haven’t gotten used to the morning noises. It’s the conversations nearby that really wake me up. I hear people talking, but not clearly enough to understand the conversation. That’s the most annoying kind of noise. The windows will be closed overnight pretty soon so it won’t be a problem much longer.


Flowers on one of the bushes adding color to the desert landscape of the RV Park.

I didn’t do anything exciting today. Consequently, this blog entry isn’t likely to be very exciting either. I spent the day around the RV doing chores and watching TV. The football pregame shows start at 9AM in the Pacific Time Zone and the games start at 10AM. The night game ends around 8:30 or 9:00PM. It’s the same elapsed time as on the east coast of course, but it takes up more of the usable part of the day here.

I didn’t get to watch the Patriots game. The Oakland Raiders vs. Buffalo Bills game was carried on local TV. I thought there was a chance they’d carry the Patriots games since they were playing the Chargers from nearby Southern California. The Raiders are moving to Las Vegas once a stadium is built. The ground breaking for the stadium is in the next couple of weeks. Local media has already embraced the team. Raiders news leads the sports reports when there isn’t anything on the new NHL team the Golden Knights to report. The local TV stations are working hard to make this a big sports town.

For exercise I walked around the RV resort a few times. There has been a lot of turnover since I got here last week. I had assumed that most of the sites were occupied by long monthly residents. It turns out that the park keeps sites for shorter term stays intermixed with the longer term sites. It might be a coincidence, but this is also a sound approach to keeping the park looking full and prosperous.

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