Las Vegas Traffic

Tuesday October 31st 2017

Today was a continuation of yesterday in many ways. The weather was about the same and my mission for the day was similar. I was visiting stores to look at stuff not to buy stuff. I guess you can call that shopping in the extreme sense of the word. Most people shop with a higher probability of buying than I currently have. I’m doing my research right now. Eventually, I’ll be in buying mode. When it happens in happens quickly.

Halloween was present at all the places I stopped. Most of the employees were in some kind of costume. Cat ears with painted whiskers was popular on the women and sports jerseys with eye black was common on the men. I also saw quite a few zombies along with some unidentifiable strange costumes.

The other thing apparent in the stores is the preparations for Christmas. Not only were the store decorated for the holidays they had tons of extra merchandise in the aisle. It is probably not unusual for this time of year, but in my head it’s still summer. The warm sunny days don’t equate to my personal history in the northeast. The weather forecasters indicate that cooler temperatures will be here next week.


Waiting in traffic on Flamingo waiting to cross the strip.

The traffic in this valley is impossible. The traffic on the highways is manageable except during rush hour or an obstruction like an accident. It’s the surface streets that I have the most problems with. Even if you take the highway the long way around, you have to drive on the surface streets eventually. Traffic backs up at the traffic lights nearly to the next light. It seems to be impossible to find two successive green lights. It can easily take half an hour to go five miles.

I don’t know if it’s the strange mix of tourists and locals or just driver frustration, but I’ve seen many strange driving techniques. I’ve had drivers turn left from the right lane across two lanes of traffic including the one I was in twice today. In one case there was a hundred yards or so of open space between me and the crossing car. The other occasion was at a traffic light. Alert driving kept both incidents from being a problem, but it wouldn’t take much to create a big mess. An another incident of bizarre driving as a little more routine. A driver climbed the curb with the right side set of wheels to make it to the next intersection rather than waiting for the light to change.

I’ve had a lot of experience driving in city traffic over the years. Driving in Las Vegas is not a new experience either. I’ve driven in this city many times including last April. It has always had heavy traffic, but this time it is bothering me more. Maybe it’s because I’ve spent so much time this summer in very rural areas without much traffic.


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