Drive to Lake Mead

Saturday October 28th 2017

The temperature in Las Vegas is still running above normal. It was in the mid to upper 80s today. Next week is forecast to be closer to normal in the mid to upper 70s. By next weekend a change in the weather pattern is anticipated. I don’t know if that means colder or possible wetter. So time will tell.

r3t2017-10-28_18-531I took a drive out to Lake Mead today. The Lake Mead National Recreation Area is about 15 miles from my campsite. I entered the park near the Lake Las Vegas area into the Las Vegas Wash area of the park. I departed the park in Boulder City near the Hoover Dam. In between I stopped at a couple of the overlooks and walk the trail along the side of the cliffs that used to be near the edge of the water. The lake level is a little higher this year than in the recent past, but it’s nothing like it was at its most recent high in 1998. It was around that year that I first saw the lake. In contrast to the water in Lake Mead the desert areas in the recreation area are very primitive. It is hard to believe that an area so desolate and dangerous is just over a small mountain range from the Las Vegas valley.





While I was at the lake I reached for my cell phone to check the time. I long ago stopped wearing a watch in favor of my phone that is always with me; except today. I left my phone at home. It’s amazing how panicked I felt with the knowledge that my phone wasn’t with me. Should I go straight home and get it? What if something happens and I need to make a call? It’s a security blanket kind of thing. People have survived for years with out the ability to instantly make a call or look something up, but now it seems like a risky inconvenience not to be able to make a call. All of these thoughts went through my head in a flash. As I thought it through the obvious conclusion was to continue on with my day.

On the way back home I stopped for groceries. There sure were a lot of people shopping on a Saturday afternoon. Several aisles had traffic jams and the registers had long lines as well. The store had Halloween candy, Christmas candy and all the typical Thanksgiving food preparation stuff out to entice you to buy. I wish they’d let us finish one holiday before starting the next.

The rest of the day has been dedicated to college football and the world series. Tomorrow will probably be the NFL, NASCAR and the world series.

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