A Daytime Visit to the Fremont Street Experience

Friday October 27th 2017

The high point of the day was a trip to downtown Las Vegas. Specifically to the Fremont Street Experience and the surrounding casinos.

By mid afternoon I had completed today’s tasks around my RV home. I decided to check out the Halloween activities in downtown Las Vegas. Even in the middle of the afternoon, before rush hour, the traffic was heavy. There is no longer any free parking in the downtown area so I parked in one of the parking garages. It probably wasn’t the cheapest option, but it was easy to get to and near the action.


Skeletons hung from the stage lighting and sound supports.


How would you like to have your picture taken with these characters?

There were plenty of people around, but most of the street vendors, buskers and costumed personalities were not out yet. The only characters were the plastic kind. Zombies, ghouls and scarecrow statues were present. People were taking pictures with the statues. Later when the costumed characters and showgirls arrived on the scene they got the picture taking attention.

I made my way along Fremont street checking the changes at the casinos. There were a few changes in the casinos, but the biggest change was the destruction of the Vegas Club casino. They have been working on taking it down to build a new casino hotel. Instead of an implosion a big claw on an excavator grabs a chunk of building and rips it down. When I was here in the spring, they had just started. Now, I’d estimate they are two thirds done. Only the back hotel tower and a couple of walls from the structure along Main Street remain.


The deconstruction of the Las Vegas Club casino and hotel.

I had planned to stay at the Fremont Street Experience until dark, but I got there earlier in the day than I should have. Once I lost the money I’d budgeted to gamble, I headed home. The best way to loose money is feeding a slot machine just to kill time. I’m sure I’ll go back downtown a few more times while I’m here.

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