Catching up on Chores

Thursday October 26th 2017

I stayed at home today to catch up on some of the chores of life – house work. Chief among those chores was the laundry. I last did the laundry two weeks ago. I have plenty of clean clothes for that time frame, but I didn’t wash the bed sheets in that load. Today everything got washed.

I’m far enough away from the laundry facility that I drove across the RV park to get there. That fact combined with the facility being busy caused me to stay in the laundry room while the machines did their thing. It was very entertaining watching some of the people doing their washing. One lady came in with three plastic shopping bags of clothes. She proceeded to commander all of the laundry carts for her bags of dirty laundry. Then she checked out each of the available dryers. Once she found one that met her standards, she took the lint filter to the sink and washed it. This dryer got one of the bags of clothes which contained wet, probably hand washed, clothes. Her next step was to check all of the available washing machines. Once she selected two, she got paper towels to “clean” the machines before loading them up. One of the machines I had just used so I know it wasn’t in bad shape. Once she’d loaded the machines she needed to go back to her car for detergent and other stuff. Each machine got a different brand of detergent. Both machines also got fabric softener and one machine got bleach. Not that unusual except she measured everything so exactly a chemist would be proud. Once everything was going she should have been able to relax, but instead she’d get up and check one machine or another every five or ten minutes. It was entertaining, but I was also glade when I got out of there. She was making me tired with her restlessness.


Aquarium in the Forum Shops Mall with a VegasStrong sign in the tank. 

Las Vegas is still recovering from the terrible mass shooting on October 1st. Stories about the recovery of victims and others impacted are on every news broadcast. Signs memorializing the event are on the everything from Strip marquees to hand written messages on cardboard signs. The phrase and hash tag VegasStrong are being used by everyone. It pops up everywhere. The tourist shops have created tee shirts with the phrase along with the famous Las Vegas sign image. Not surprisingly I’ve seen it on vehicles like taxis and ambulances, but one place really surprised me. Signs with the catch phrase have been added to the aquarium in the Forum Shops mall. I doubt the fish swimming by have a clue about the significance of the sign.

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