Touring and Cooking

Sunday July 30th 2017

I got a slow start this morning. Watching TV until well after midnight will do that. It was a bright sunny day this morning with a few high clouds over the mountains this afternoon. It got into the mid 90s, but overall it was a beautiful day.


Clouds over the mountains this afternoon.

I explored the community of Fillmore UT today. For a while in the 1850s the territorial government was based in this town. The oldest existing government building in the state is the old Territorial State house located in town. I stopped at the state park that houses the building, but it was closed. Everything in town seems to be closed on Sunday. The only places that seemed to be open were the gas stations near the interstate.

In the cities the big box stores were open on Sunday, but the independent and smaller franchise stores were closed. I assume it is the religious heritage of the state that causes this. Stores being closed on Sunday doesn’t bother me, but tourist places like the Territorial State House State Park and museums are another story. After driving from one side of the town and back again without seeing many people I took the hint and returned to my RV home for the rest of the day.


Pork Loin Roast I cooked for dinner.

I took the opportunity this afternoon to cook the Pork Loin Roast I bought on my provisioning run in Salt Lake City before heading down here. It made for a good Sunday dinner and will provide leftovers for various meals during the week. The convection part of the microwave/convection oven has proven to be quite versatile. What I can prepare is restricted more by size than capability. For example, a turkey wouldn’t really fit inside the oven, but I’m sure I could cook a whole chicken.


Lots of clouds to the north this evening.

This afternoon I got new neighbors at the campground. A motorhome, bigger than mine, pulled into the site beside me. It’s towed car stuck out into the road behind the rig. The driver didn’t bother to disconnect the car. He just put a couple of reflective triangles out as a warning to others. He then proceeded to hook up to the utilities, setup a gas grill, put up a couple of tiki torches, create a little flag garden with solar light and prepared a campfire to be enjoyed later. After that I didn’t see anybody for hours. They were inside in air conditioned comfort. When you don’t disconnect the car you are usually planning to leave in the morning. When you setup lots of stuff on your site you are usually planning to stay awhile. I can’t begin to guess what these folks are going to do.

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