Cleaning Day

Saturday July 29th 2017

This blog entry isn’t very exciting, because my day turned out to be mundane. During breakfast this morning I noticed that my hand was covered in dusty dirt. Further investigation showed my credenza had a fine coat of dust. The good news is that the off white color of the counter doesn’t show dirt well. The bad news is that somewhere over the last few weeks I must have left the windows open in a dust storm. My touring day turned into a cleaning day.


View of the mountains behind the campground

After breakfast I got started on cleaning. I hit the counter tops with soapy water and the woodwork with furniture polish. The floors got vacuumed with my built in vacuum cleaner. I considered that a questionable option when I bought the RV, but it has proven useful. Unfortunately, the tile floor really needs to be wet mopped, but I don’t have a mop. I used a sponge on a couple of areas with issues until I can buy a mop. My light beige fake leather upholstery also needed to be cleaned. Warm water with a little liquid dish soap seemed to work OK for those. The rig still isn’t perfect, but it’s a lot better than it was this morning.


Interesting cloud patterns over the mountains behind the campground. Is that a cloud scorpion or shrimp in the center?

This campground is on the Paiute ATV trail. The trail is rated as one of the best ATV trails in the country. The trail’s main loop is over 275 miles long and has side trails totaling over 1000 miles. I counted twelve ATVs in the campground. Most of the ATVs are two person side by side rides. They all headed out on the trail this morning and returned this afternoon. I saw reflections on the side of the mountain behind the campground that was probably an ATV or two going up and over the mountain. The majority of the trail is on the east and south side of the mountains behind the campground.

This campground has been close to full both nights I’ve been here. Most of the people are only here for a night or two. It was only about a third full from 11am-3pm when it started to fill up again.


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