Trip Around Some Mountains

Monday July 31st 2017

This morning over breakfast I watched my neighbor pack up his carefully setup camp to move on. All of the work he put into setting up his camp yesterday was repeated this morning to put everything away. I understand getting a few things out that you need, but planting a bunch of little flags with a solar light and a string of LED lights is going too far for a one night camp. Everybody has their own ideas and priorities.


Through the window picture of the area behind one set of mountains.

Today I decided to see what’s on the other side of the mountains that are behind the campground. There are two ways to get behind the mountains. I could go north 25 miles to US 50 east or go south 30 miles to Interstate 70 east. In addition to my general curiosity, I also want to scout out the route I will take on Thursday when I move to my next destination. I decided to make a loop; out on US 50 and back on Interstate 70. It’s about one hundred and fifty miles.

US 50 had a gradual climb up about 1000 feet to about 6000 total feet. It then had a long occasionally steep descent into the town of Salina on Interstate 70. As I descended into Salina the terrain changed. More red rocks and striations were visible on the mountain sides. The valley floors were still cattle land with a few planted fields. On the way back, Interstate 70 had a significant climb to over 7000 feet with an accompanying descent.


Through the window shot of clouds gathering over the top of the mountains.

My conclusion is that there isn’t anything more interesting on the other side of the mountain than my current side. On Thursday I will follow the same route to Salina before going east on Interstate 70 instead of west. Using the US 50 route is a little shorter and seems to have less up hill and down hill issues. The one hundred and ten mile stretch on Interstate 70 to Green River is longest section of Interstate without services in the country. It will be an interesting drive.

Back at the campground this afternoon, I watched the new arrivals come in and setup. None of them setup as elaborate a camp as last nights neighbor. Even the folks in a tent trailer that cooked and ate outside didn’t setup as much of a camp. There’s always something to trigger my curiosity.

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