Travel Day to Fillmore Utah

Friday July 28th 2017

Today was a travel day. I slowly packed and prepared to leave. My goal was to depart between eleven and twelve. I got on the road around 11:30. Traffic was heavy but moving. I do think it is ever light on I-15 through the Utah population centers.

I had one hundred and fifty miles to travel. It took an hour to get out of the population center which runs from about 70 miles south of Salt Lake City to a location about the same distance north of the city. The road south was four to six lanes of concrete all the way. The road surface was fine, but in some areas the sections of concrete weren’t even. It wasn’t difficult to launch the RV up on the shocks then back down. It made for a real bouncy ride in some areas.

Once I got south of the population center the road surface turned to pavement and the area opened into broad valleys used for cattle. The road also started to climb in altitude. It wasn’t long before I was passing signs indicating directions to “chain up” areas. Chains aren’t necessary this time of year, but you still see many tractor trailers with chains hanging from racks under the trailer. They’ll be ready when the snow starts to fly again.


Site 6 at the Fillmore Utah KOA.

I arrived in Fillmore Utah at two in the afternoon. I’ll be staying at the Fillmore KOA for six nights. This is a nice campground with reasonable separation between sites. The campground has an access to one of the bigger ATV trails in the area. A number of Toy Hauler RVs have been arriving for the weekend with ATVs in the back. It maybe noise at times with all the ATV motors, but I don’t expect any problems.


My co-pilot for the last year is taking a vacation for a while.

On today’s journey I had a new co-pilot. My co-pilots on the Rambling Road Trip sit on the dash and watch the road ahead. They also serve as a decoration. The last year or so my co-pilot was a little polar bear. He’s moved to the back of the rig for a rest so my new co-pilot is a little old bison. He beat out the black bear for the honor.   Unfortunately, neither of them are good at conversation.


My new co-pilot.

Tomorrow I’ll check out the area and figure out a plan of action for the next few days. There may not be a lot to do in town, but I will range out from here for fifty to a hundred miles.

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