Last Day in Salt Lake City

Thursday July 27th 2017

My plans for the day took a major change at breakfast. I didn’t have anything to accompany my breakfast coffee. I was out of bread for toast and low on milk for cereal. I needed to stock up on supplies. The urgency was increased since I was moving out of heavily populated areas tomorrow for at least a couple of weeks. The bottom line is that getting food and other provisions on board was the priority for the day.

I located a Walmart Supercenter about four or five miles away. The distance depended on the route I followed. I determined a route straight south then straight east would be the easiest. I don’t have a dedicated GPS for the car. My cell phone and Google Maps fill the gap when I get desperate. Today I needed a GPS. The street in this area are in a grid with Temple Square as the center point of the grid. The streets are number with a directional indicator of north, south, east and west from the center represented by the square. The only problem is they also use names for some streets in place of the numeric number, but not for the entire length of the street. What all this means is when I missed my turn to the east, I attempted to recover by going to the next major east bound road. I would have been fine if the road I was looking for hadn’t transitioned back to its numeric name by the time I got back to it. I was almost back at my campsite when I stopped in a parking lot to use my cell phone as a GPS. Overall the trip to the store took more than twice the travel distance than it should have.

This was an interesting Walmart. To have enough parking, they had to create an additional level above the ground level. The parking choices were open parking, covered parking or top level open parking. Not expecting this anomaly created a little bit of confusion when I arrived. I probably parked twice as far away as I needed. It was only after I was parked in the open that I realized how to deal with the whole upper deck. The ramp was hidden around a corner of the building. Inside it was your typical Walmart.


One of the flower beds at the campground. A few strategically placed artificial flowers add the color.

By the time I had all my provisions for the next couple of weeks it was too late to travel north to the Hill AFB museum. The area north of Salt Lake City to the Idaho border will have to wait for another visit to this area. Tomorrow I move about one hundred and fifty miles south. I spent the rest of the day relaxing and starting to put stuff away.

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