Travel Day to Salt Lake City

Tuesday July 18th 2017

Today started hot and got hotter. Judging by the occasional cycling of the AC, I don’t think it got below the mid 70s overnight. There were no clouds in the sky this morning. Working outside to get ready to travel was uncomfortable.

I had less than 50 miles to travel from Provo to Salt Lake City so I didn’t want to rush. Check out time was 2PM and check in time at the new place was 1PM. So, I had plenty of flexibility as long as I didn’t rush. I finally departed the Utah Lake State park at about 12:30. Traffic on I-15 north was heavy. I tried to stay in the furthest right lane that didn’t keep disappearing down the exit ramp all the way north. The road surface is not the best I’ve encountered, but by no means the worst. Just about every bridge wanted to launch the RV into the air. Never the less I arrived in one piece after about an hour on the road.

This campground is located about 2.5 miles from Temple Square and 4 miles from the Salt Lake City Airport. Despite being in a very urban area it is set in many mature trees. This is the first campground I’ve been in this month with shade. I’m going to need the shade. It reached 100 degrees in Salt Lake City again today. It was still one hundred degrees at 7PM tonight. The trees and the urban setting seem to keep any breeze from being felt in the campground. A thunderstorm went through around 4PM dropping a couple of teaspoons of water and dropping the temperature by 5 degrees or so while it was passing. Half an hour later there was no indication that a storm had even occurred.


Site 56 at the Salt Lake City KOA.

After getting setup the first thing on the agenda was getting the laundry washed and dried. I was starting to get into some of the shirts I don’t usually wear from the bottom of the draw. The good thing about light summer clothes is they don’t take up as much space in the laundry hamper. Still, I had plenty of things to wash. It’s a good thing the laundry was big. A mother of four kids under ten (I’d guess) had eight washers and four dryers in play. All while she was chasing the kids between the laundry room, the near by playground and the pool. I got my loads completed and got back home while she was still at it.

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