A Day of Changing Plans

Monday July 17th 2017

Today was a day filled with changes in plans. When I got up this morning I decided to return to Provo Canyon to check out the sights without all the weekenders clogging the parking lots. That plan held until I started to leave the campground. A low tire pressure warning light started the days plan changes.

I’ve been watching the passenger rear tire for awhile. The first time I added air to the tire it held for around a month. I added more air, still not sure if I had a problem or not. Two weeks later I needed to add air again. At that time it was obvious that I had to find a tire shop, but I was in the middle of nowhere. The slow leak kept getting faster. I put air in the tire on Saturday after about a week. The good thing was I’m now in an area with plenty of tire stores. I got the compressor out and put enough air in the tire to get to a tire shop.

I had read good things about a major west coast tire chain called Les Schwab Tires. I found a Les Schwab in downtown Provo. They took the car right in. Forty Five minutes or less later I had the car back with the tire repaired. They took a nail out and put a repair in. The nice part is as a visitor to the area they didn’t charge me for the service. That kind of positive service will bring me back to Les Schwab Tires if I have a need for tires on this coast in the future.

The next change in plan happened when I stopped in a shopping area with a Walmart Neighborhood Market. I needed a few groceries and I often wondered what one of these food stores were like. So I went grocery shopping instead of sight seeing. Why was I surprised that it was only a grocery store with Walmart house brands? That’s what it was supposed to be and that is what it was.

I brought the groceries home and planned to go get back to the sightseeing plan, but the final change in plan came into play. A thunderstorm was approaching from the southwest. A sever storm warning was announced for the area just north of my destination. Being overly cautious I stayed home and walked around the park one last time.


Geese grazing on the grass.


Young geese swimming in the shallows while the adults keep watch.


More geese fly in.


Swimming to shore after a water landing.

Today the predominant birds were geese. These big birds have been leaving their calling cards all over the parking lots, but I haven’t seen many on previous walks. Today they were flying, standing and swimming all over the marina. I was startled by how close to them I got. I was within ten feet of a group of adult birds before I knew it. They were aware of me but didn’t seem to mind. The young ones were much further away.


One last picture of the mountains to the east.

Tomorrow I move north to Salt Lake City for ten days. It’s a very short trip, but the checkout time here isn’t until 2PM so I’ll take my time packing in the morning.

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