Monsoon Season?

Wednesday July 19th 2017

The weather changed dramatically overnight. Yesterday was hot, sunny and relatively dry. Today was cloudy, humid and almost as hot. We are experiencing the start of monsoon season according to the TV weather talkers. There has been one brief shower here, but other areas of Utah have had sever thunderstorms and flash floods. The next twenty four to forty eight hours are forecast to be this monsoon pattern before returning to the hot and dry weather.


One of the flower beds scattered throughout the campground.

My focus for the day was getting familiar with the area and running a few errands. I now know the area to the south is industrial and warehouses for a few miles before turning into a retail area. It is a bit of a maze of streets and cross streets. I actually resorted to asking Google maps on my phone to get me home after I concluded I was momentarily lost. The trigger was thinking I was headed north and seeing the car’s compass say I was headed south.

To the east of my campsite is the downtown Salt Lake City area. I didn’t drive into the city yet. I’ll reserve that for a day when I can spend some time walking around the city center. I have been to the Temple Square area before. I was in Salt Lake City on a business trip around the turn of the century. The winter Olympics a few years after my visit probably changed a lot of things in that area.

I also swung through the airport area on my scouting trip this morning. I found one big construction zone and lots of people walking across the road “knowing” the cars would stop for them. The airport wasn’t what I was expecting. I’ve changed planes in Salt Lake City a couple of times and used it as my destination once. In my memory I thought it was a bigger more modern appearing airport. Most of the construction seemed to be on infrastructure like roads and parking not on new terminals.

Writing the previous paragraph caused me to do a web search for improvement to the Salt Lake City airport. I found a page that describes a 1.8 billion dollar improvement program for the airport. By 2022 the terminals, garages and infrastructure will all be replaced with new facilities. That is the on-going construction I observed. So I guess I’m not the only one that isn’t impressed with the current airport.

The campground was full last night and again tonight. During the day there was a lot of turnover. Many of tonight’s guests look like they are staying longer than overnight. This is a holiday weekend in Utah. Monday is Pioneer Day celebrating the arrival of the first Mormon settlers in the valley. There are parades, fireworks and rodeos over the long weekend.

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