Searching for Bird Identities

Sunday July 16th 2017

Today turned out to be another lazy day. A couple of the places I thought about going to are not open on Sunday. Major stores and such are open, but smaller places and attractions might not be in this state. The uncertainty kept me home. Even here at the park the day use area seemed to have fewer people out and about than yesterday.


A pair of Western Grebes or Clark’s Grebes.

During one of my walks around the park today I caught a performance by a pair of the mysterious water fowl that gave me a better idea of their identity. A pair of birds with long white necks and black heads swam up to each other did a little dosey-doe then proceeded to walk on the water in unison followed by a dive. The performance and a picture fueled my internet search that narrowed their identity down to either a Western or Clark’s Grebe. I found a video of a similar performance on the internet. Click the link to see internet video I found. The walking on water part starts at about 53 seconds in. It was interesting to see the birds do their thing. I wonder how rare it is to witness such a performance.

I’m happy to say I used the gas grill again today. Twice in less than a week is great considering I don’t remember the last time I used it. I grilled another pork chop for dinner today.


Mountain to the east after the thunderstorm passed through here.

The clouds moved in this afternoon preventing the sun from really heating up the RV. It didn’t cool off outside, but the sun didn’t increase the inside temperature beyond what the AC could handle. In the early evening an actual thunderstorm moved into the area. It got dark and the wind blew hard then a couple of minutes of heavy rain passed through. The sun returned shortly after the rain and the wind went away after a few minutes. The outside temperature went down about ten degrees into the high 80s. I really don’t understand storms in this area of the country.


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