Wind, Wind and More Wind

Wednesday May 24th

The wind comes sweeping down the plain. Except, this isn’t Oklahoma. The wind really blew today on the Snake River Plain of Idaho. Thankfully I only had 100 miles to travel.

I knew it was going to be windy today, but the strength exceeded any forecast I heard. The sustained wind speeds were recorded at 30mph at some locations along my route. Gusts in the area were recorded at 60mph. A portion of Interstate 15 to my east was closed do to dust and several trailer trucks were in the ditch along area routes. I made it safely to Arco Idaho but I doubt I one of two hands off the steering wheel more than a couple of times.


Wind blowing the trees here at the campground this afternoon. A number of branches were blown down.

I was traveling on narrow two lain US highways. In addition to the steady wind and the gusts I had to deal with oncoming trucks. The additional suction caused by the passing trucks drew the RV toward the middle of the road into the wind. I had to be careful not to over correct or disaster would strike. My new location is to the northeast of Twin falls. I traveled on roads going North, Northeast and East to get to Arco. The wind was out of the west, maybe a little southwest. The north bound segments of travel were the worst. As I slanted more east the wind almost became a help. The tail wind may have saved gas, but it still required attention to the gusts.


Site B10 at the Craters of the Moon Arco KOA.

I crossed over a mountain pass at more than 6000 feet near the Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve. Arco is at 5300 feet about 2000 feet higher than my stay in Twin Falls. This town is a little bigger than the farm towns I passed trough getting here. It has the industry associated with the Idaho National Laboratory located a few mile to the east. The National Monument and the Experimental Breeder Reactor Museum at the Laboratory are two of the reasons I stopped in this town.

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