Travel Prep – Grocery Shopping

Tuesday May 23rd 2017

Today started in the 50s and ended in the 80s. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the low 70s and windy. Wouldn’t you know it tomorrow is a travel day for me. I don’t have a long way to go. I’ll be traveling on US highways rather than the Interstates, so the wind should be more manageable.

I spent today getting ready for travel. In addition to the normal prep work I had to stock up on groceries. My next two stops are in mountain towns that don’t have major grocery chains. I need to get enough food for two weeks. All I plan to need during the that time will be items like bread and maybe milk.


View to the west down stream on the Snake River from the Perrine Bridge. The whit specs in the river are rocks that were not visible last week.

Shopping for two weeks is not something I have a lot of experience with. During my working years I usually stopped for groceries on my way home every couple of nights. Since I’ve been living in my RV home I’ve made an effort to only shop for groceries once a week. Stores are not as nearby or convenient as they were when I lived in a house on a foundation. The idea of buying food for two weeks drove me into planning mode. I actually made a grocery list with some pre-planning of what I would cook and what leftovers I might have over the next couple of weeks. This is unprecedented for me.

There is a fairly new Walmart Super center in Twin Falls that got my shopping business. I have replenished my can goods and stocked up on breakfast cereal. The refrigerator has beef, pork and chicken that needs to be divided and frozen. I have a gallon of Orange Juice, 2 quarts of milk and a dozen eggs. I also bought the makings for two pizzas and two weeks of sandwiches. When you add in the TV dinners already in the freezer and other prepackaged stuff in the cabinets I should be fine for the duration. A meal or two in a restaurant isn’t outside the realm of possibility either.

This was the biggest grocery bill I can remember having, but I think the prices in this area are pretty good. Many of the items that I buy at Walmart regularly are a few cents cheaper here. I suspect that some of the other things I bought were more expensive but they didn’t standout. The other observation was that they charge a six percent tax on everything.

The stores in different areas put the focus on different things. For example, this Walmart seem to have a smaller selection of packaged cookies than I’m used to. Another surprise was the brand of bread I’ve come to expect. From the eastern seaboard across the south and in Nevada, I’ve been buying Natures Own bread. I came to believe it was a national brand that Walmart had a contract with. It wasn’t on the shelves at this Walmart. A brand from Oregon dominated the selections.


Snake River below the Perrine Bridge. The white area on the banks were not visible last week.

When I was out for groceries I stopped at the Perrine bridge to watch the BASE jumpers one more time. I saw one jumper and one drone helicopter operator at the bridge. What stood out is how much lower the water level was today. There is three or four feet of white rock showing on the sides of the river near the bridge. Down stream rocks are visible in the middle of the flow that weren’t showing last week. When they said they were limiting the flow to supply the irrigation canals they weren’t kidding.

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