A Lazy Saturday in Las Vegas

Saturday April 29th 2017

The wind continued overnight and into the day today. The temperature recovered a little into the low 80s. As the day progressed, the wind started to die down. This evening, as I write this blog entry, it is perfectly calm outside. Bopefully, it will stay calm for the next few days.

I started the day off very slowly. The morning was over by the time my coffee pot was empty. I watched TV and caught up on my Internet reading as I sipped my coffee. When I came up for air, I decided to take advantage of my proximity to the laundry and get one last load done before I move on Monday. Unfortunately, all eight of the washing machines were in use. I’ll have to try again tomorrow.


View to the east from Green Valley Ranch Resort Casino

Many of the residents of this RV park are departing. I presume their rent is up at the end of the month. As a result the park is getting quieter and less active. When I first arrived there were many people out walking and the dog park that I can see from my RV was in constant use. Now, I don’t see many people out and about at all.

This afternoon I went out for a drive. I didn’t have any where I was going. I just knew I needed to get out. I ended up at the Green Valley Ranch Resort and Casino. They were having promotion that awarded free slot play to all slot players at random times during the day. I low bet my twenty dollar budget for over two hours. Just before I was out of money I got lucky. All of the slot players were awarded one hundred dollars in free slot play.

I played the hundred dollars through the machine to turn it into cash. With the losses in the conversion process, I walked away with fifty five dollars. So I made a thirty five dollar profit in two and half hours. I’ll probably give it to another casino tomorrow. I enjoyed the slot play and I’m keeping to my self imposed limits. If it wasn’t for the casino promotion I wouldn’t have been playing at all.

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