Finishing up in Las Vegas

Sunday April 30th 2017

This was my last full day in Las Vegas for this trip. After three weeks I am ready to get out of town. I really think this town is better in small doses.

My focus today was getting ready to travel tomorrow. I got the laundry done this morning. Unlike yesterday’s rush on washing, I was the only user of the washing machines this morning. By the time my stuff was in the drier, a couple of other people had arrived to start their laundry. This RV resort has a very nice laundry. I’ll miss it.

This afternoon I made one last Las Vegas casino visit. I went to the Orleans Resort and Casino on the west side of the strip. Traffic wasn’t too bad getting there, but the return trip later in the day was slow. I will not miss the traffic in this city. My reason for going to the casino was to empty my slot account of free play cash value. I’ve been accumulating point for the last five years or so. The free play value was only about twenty five dollars, but I don’t want it to disappear before I visit another Boyd casino.


Moon over Las Vegas. (I didn’t have a picture to include. I went outside and pointed the camera at the sky.)

The good news is that using the twenty five dollars of free play I made over one hundred dollars of real money. With that positive return I have spent less from my gambling budget than I planned. I still have a week or two remaining in Nevada so I need to continue my disciplined spending. It isn’t really hard. After I was in town for a day or two I’d played half a dozen slot machines and my itch was satisfied. Since then I only played when I had a reason like killing time before a show or the challenge of a casino promotion. My fascination with the machines is not the gambling, but the algorithms and technology used to implement the machines.

Tomorrow night I will be in the middle of the state of Nevada. The available campgrounds are group at the bigger towns, but the towns are few and far between. I understand there are also many wide places and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land along the road suitable for overnight stops. How far north I’ll get and where I will stop is unknown. If I stop between the towns, I may not have internet or cell phone access. In that case, this blog will be delayed until the next day.

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