Winding down in Las Vegas

Friday April 28th 2017

The wind is becoming a real annoyance. It seems like every day for the last week the wind has played a prominent role in the weather and thus what can be comfortably done outside. A north wind in excess of twenty miles per hour with higher gusts has been the focus all day. The wind direction has also kept the temperature down into the low 70s. This trend is forecast to continue through the weekend.


Today’s flower blossom picture.

I had to go out for breakfast this morning. I didn’t have anything to go with my coffee. Dunkin Donuts came to my rescue with a large black coffee and two bagels. It was an expensive breakfast. I deposited the fifteen dollar profit from last nights slot play into the slots at Sam’s Town Casino while I drank my coffee. On the plus side it kept me from drinking the coffee too fast.

After breakfast at the casino I went to the Walmart Super Center across the street to replenish my food supply. I got plenty of items to go with my morning coffee and hopefully enough other groceries so I will not run out before I get to the Reno NV area next week. Just to be sure, I’ll probably make another quick stop for groceries on Sunday. I leave here on Monday morning.

I’m ready to leave. I am running out of things I want or can do. I have put off going out to the Lake Mead National Recreation area because of the wind. It is supposed to be even worst in that area. Similarly, driving in the opposite direction to Pahrump NV is not high on my list because of the wind and the lack of a specific destination. Just seeing the sights is fun in good conditions or the first time around. It wouldn’t be either.

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