Laughlin, NV

Tuesday April 25th 2017

In yesterday’s blog entry I commented on the wind not being as bad as advertised. I think I pushed karma too far. Overnight the wind picked up out of the north and rocked and rattled the RV all night long. A north wind seems to hit the motorhome almost broadside on the passenger side of the vehicle. I got up to shut windows and then tried to get back to sleep. The wind managed to wake me up several times during the night.


Casino resorts along the side of the Colorado River in Laughlin, NV.

I was waiting for a day with calm winds to drive the one hundred or so miles to Laughlin NV on the Colorado river. The forecast for the rest of the week calls for the wind to continue. So, I decided to head for Laughlin today despite the wind. The wind pushed me around and caused the car to down shift on level ground a couple of times. Driving took a little more attention today, but the desert and mountain views were worth it. I’ve made the trip several times before so I knew to slow down from seventy five to twenty five going through the town of Searchlight NV. As usual, I passed someone having a visit with a police officer.


The tour boat from the Riverside Resort and Casino.


Tour boat form the Colorado Bell Casino Resort.


One of several Jet Skis on the river.

Laughlin NV has a strip of casinos on the Colorado River just below the Davis Dam. I didn’t visit for the casinos, although I did leave twenty dollars in a combination of four casinos I passed through. I came for the river. Watching the people and action on the river is fun. I had thoughts of taking a river cruise but I didn’t plan ahead. The timing of the boat trips was wrong for a ride today.


Duck family. The dark spot above the duckling is a large fish in the water under the duckling.

I did manage to get a good animal fix. The river water is high and moving rapidly. They must be releasing a good amount through the Davis dam. In the shallows at the river’s side there are large fish visible. One “knowledgeable” tourist was calling them Carp and another was calling them Catfish. If I have to guess I’d go with Carp, but I’m guessing with the worst of the guessers. Suffice it to say they were big ground feeding fish.


Mr and Mrs Mallard.

Along with the fish, I saw several pairs of ducks. One set of Mallards had a single duckling with them as they swam against the current. I think if they got more than a few feet from shore the duckling would be taken away by the current. Maybe that’s what happened to its siblings.

I drove back to Las Vegas after about three hours in the Laughlin area. I arrived back in Las Vegas just in time for rush hour. I abandon the highway and made my way home on surface streets. I had to stop at a lot of traffic lights, but luckily never spent more than one light waiting to get through the intersections. Las Vegas has traffic at all times of day. The long afternoon rush is terrible.

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