A quick trip to the Las Vegas Strip

Monday April 24th 2017

This morning I watched my neighbors pack up and depart the RV resort. According to my original plan I would have been moving on today as well. I’ve extended my stay here until next Monday. The park is starting to thin out. My first week here was the Nevada school vacation week so the park had a few families. This past week there were still plenty of residents, but starting yesterday many people have been moving on. Tonight I can see many empty sites in the park.


Flower arrangement in the Mirage Resort atrium.

Today was not as windy as I had expected from the forecast. It was fairly strong early, but by afternoon it was not a big influence. Clouds moved in later in the day and kept the temperature in the low 80s.


Nice to see some ordinary Petunias after some of the more exotic desert flowers I saw yesterday.

This afternoon I drove to Sam’s Town Resort and Casino and took their shuttle to Harrah’s on the Las Vegas Strip. By doing this I avoid paying for parking and/or a lot of walking. My goal was to check out the Mirage Resort and the Treasure Island Resort. Mirage is across the strip from Harrah’s and TI is next door. As expected nothing significant had changed. It was nice to check out the atrium garden area in the Mirage. The waterfall area has some nice tropical plantings.


Fountain show in front of the Wynn Resort with the Fashion Show Mall in the background.

I took the tram from Mirage to the TI then walked through the casino and out to the overhead walkway to the Fashion Show mall. From there I crossed back over the strip to the front of the Wynn Resort then back across Sands Blvd to the Palazzo and Venetian Resort. Walking south on the strip I passed Casino Royal to get back to Harrah’s. Two and a half hours after arriving on the strip I boarded the shuttle back to Sam’s Town.


Butterfly sculptures in the Palazzo Resort.

I had supper at Panda Express in Sam’s Town then drove back the two blocks to the RV resort. A little TV and a little Blog writing and thus ends my day in Las Vegas.

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