Shopping without Buying

Wednesday April 26th 2017

The day started cloudy and calm and ended sunny and windy. The temperature topped out in the mid 80s. The next few days are forecast to be increasingly windy. The wind is getting to be a pain in the posterior. In addition to the noise it makes by flapping awnings and such, it is interfering with my satellite TV reception. The dish is locked on through a tree when it is calm, but when the wind is blowing it is intermittent.


Setting sun reflecting on the mountain behind the RV Resort.

Today was a slow day. I went in search of a backup battery for my camera. It has run out of juice at the wrong time more often than I like. My first stop was Fry’s Electronics. This is a west coast chain of electronics stores that everything from a resistor to a high speed computer. If you combine Best Buy, Radio Shack, the best computer store you know and an appliance specialty store you start to get the concept of Fry’s. I felt like a pig in mud.

I found the battery I needed, but I didn’t buy it. They only had the Canon labeled battery for close to sixty dollars. The third party batteries on the internet are only about fifteen dollars. Fry’s had the third party batteries for other cameras but not for mine. There were many empty space on the rack. Later in the day I found a similar problem at Best Buy.


Overall I spent more than an hour in Fry’s checking out things I like but have no place for or any real need for. This was not my first time in the store and I’m sure it won’t be the last.


I got back to my RV home around four. As usual, in the afternoon I have to turn on the air conditioner to keep the inside of the RV comfortable. The lack of shade allows the sun to get the inside of the motorhome into the high 90s. With both ACs on I can get the temperature down into the 70s in about a half an hour. Unfortunately, all this in and out of AC with cold drafts has my nose running. I can’t win.

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