Windy Day

Thursday March 30th 2017

Another storm front is making its way across the country. Here in the Arizona desert that means wind. Today was sunny with a high temperature almost ninety degrees, but with every passing hour the wind increased in intensity. The evening news indicated that thirty mph sustained winds with gusts to fifty mph were in the area.

Hopefully, the wind will quiet down over night. The noise it makes as it interacts with my slide out room awnings and antennas on the roof can be very distracting. The forecast for tomorrow has the wind dying as the day progresses with a high temperature twenty degrees cooler than today.

Today’s agenda included more planning for my travels this summer. I found a couple of Web forum discussions of the road conditions on my proposed route. The consensus seems to be that it’s a picturesque and only mildly challenging. I’ll settle for that right now. My route north is now locked in jello. I’m in the process of checking distances and looking up campground reviews. I should be in the Glacier National Park area in the middle of June. The Going to the Sun road across the park is usually plowed and open by the end of June so, I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

My other major agenda item for the day was another run to Walmart. In addition to the groceries that I can seem to live without, I bought a new Rand McNally Road Atlas. The one I have been using is four years old and looking a little trampled. The paper atlas is good for the big picture. The zoomed out view of google maps doesn’t provide the detail the paper atlas provides.


The wind is spoiling the symmetry of the palm trees at the RV park.

Walking around the campground this evening was difficult. The blowing wind made walking in a straight line difficult. The eight foot block walls around the RV resort keep the dust devils out of the park, but the wind still has an impact. Out in the open desert beside the highway several little dust circulations are visible. The large open areas in the campground where people have already left for the north also allows the wind to get a clear shot that it didn’t have at the beginning of the month.

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