Planning Day

Wednesday March 29th 2017

After two days of playing tourist I took today off. Today was a beautiful day for planning. It wasn’t too hot and more important I was in the mood to plan. Overall I have a good idea where I’ll be between now and the end of May. All the reservations aren’t made, but enough to know it’s possible.

I leave here on Saturday. I’ll spend the next ten days in western Arizona working my way to Las Vegas. This is a major change in plans from last week when I found out that I wasn’t the only one looking at central and northern Arizona. Getting reservations in the Verde Valley and areas near the Grand Canyon wasn’t possible. I’ll get to that area this fall as I come back south through Utah.

I’ll spend two weeks in Las Vegas touring casinos, going to a few shows and visiting some of the out lying areas like the Valley of Fire, Lake Mead and Red Rock Canyon. From Las Vegas I’ll take about a week to relocate to the Reno Lake Tahoe area of Nevada for another two weeks.  Along the way I may a side trip to Death Valley NP.   The Reno area will be the first brand new territory on the journey north. I’m looking forward to Lake Tahoe.

From the Reno area I’m going to head northeast to Idaho. I’ll spend a couple of weeks in southern Idaho. The Snake River, Sun Valley and Craters of the Moon National Monument are all possible tourist destinations in the area. The plan is to be in this area until the beginning of June.

Going north from southern Idaho is harder to plan. My ultimate northern destination is Glacier National Park at the Canadian border in Northwest Montana. I need to be aware of the mountain passes over the continental divide. Long hauls, hairpin turns, narrow roads and my motorhome are not necessarily compatible. The truth is I really don’t know my capabilities on such roads. If I keep to the Interstate highways this isn’t a big deal, but that’s not always possible. The internet and trucker’s directories are a great planning tool.

My current plan is to find a way north on the west side of the continental divide to the west side of Glacier National park for the second half of June. Then work my way back south to the Salt Lake City Utah area to be near the airport for the last third of July. I’ll then tour Utah into September and move south to northern Arizona for October. By November, elevation, latitude and weather become a concern again.

I’ll book a couple more reservations tomorrow and continue checking the routes. My tablet ran out of battery juice this afternoon so I had to pull out the paper maps. I’ve got the near term locked in, but I still have the Holidays to worry about.


Empty row of campsites with flowering bushes separating the sites and citrus trees between the rows. The bushes and trees all get drip irrigation. 

Here at the campground the exodus continues. The row of campsites across from me is down to one trailer and they are packing. I suspect that I won’t be the only one leaving on the first of April.

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