Packing Day

Friday March 31st 2017

The temperature today never made it to 70. It was more than 20 degrees less than yesterday. The morning sun turned into afternoon clouds. Thankfully, the wind never got as bad as it was late yesterday. The 30 mph winds kept me awake until around one in the morning when they seemed to die down.

Today was a cleaning and packing day for tomorrow’s move. I vacuumed the latest accumulation of dust out of the rig and started to pack the inside things I won’t need in the morning. Outside I stowed the chairs in the basement storage and loaded the bicycle onto the back of the car. In the morning, I’ll finish the inside, disconnect the utilities and hook up the car.

I don’t have to rush my departure. I’m only going down the road about twenty miles to the Picacho Peak State Park for a few days. This is the same park I decided not to visit as a day trip a couple of weeks ago. At the time, I couldn’t see the value of paying a high day use fee for about 20 minutes of visiting. Staying at the campground is a good solution to seeing the park and staying in this area for another few days.

I also settled up my electric bill with the office this afternoon. I had to run the air conditioner and the electric heater this month so I used a few more kilowatts than I expected. It still amounts to less than two dollars a day. If I was paying a daily rate which included electricity, I’d have paid more than twenty dollars a day more than the monthly equivalent. Staying in one place for a longer amount of time often has significant cost savings.

On my evening walk around the campground I saw many people working on packing. The box trailers have come out of storage and the toys and extra cars are getting loaded. I suspect that there will be several leaving tomorrow and a steady stream of departures in the next few days.


Last sunset from Silverado RV Resort.

I’ve enjoyed my stay at Sliverado RV Resort. It worked out good for access to the Tucson area and the eastern Phoenix metro area. I would consider returning for another stay, but will probably try other areas first. It worked out OK for seeing spring training games, but it was not ideal. I had to do a lot of driving.

Tomorrow begins my summer travels. I have four stops of one to three nights in duration before I get to Las Vegas. I want to stay in Las Vegas for a couple of weeks before moving further north in Nevada. I’m still not sure where I’m going to stay in Vegas. One of the expensive places that I didn’t want to stay at anyway is listed as full on its website. So I am getting a little concerned about getting a reservation. I need to make some calls tomorrow. As I written before, this making reservations business is painful.

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