One Last Spring Training Game

Tuesday March 28th 2017

Today I went to my last spring training game for this year. It was the Texas Rangers versus the Colorado Rockies at Salt River Fields in Scottsdale.


Rockies warm up before the game

This game started an hour earlier than previous games at 12:10 so I got an early start to arrive in plenty of time. Things were a little different today. There seemed to be fewer people working at the stadium. The number of vendors in the stands and the staff at the gate seemed to be reduced. This is the next to last game of the spring at this stadium, so maybe employees have started to move on to other jobs. The facility is not as active at other times of the year.


Dinger the Rockies mascot

The game was pretty good. It had the right amount of action and defense. Every game seems to have a theme. I’ve been to games this spring that had several injuries, games with strange defensive alignments, and today it was broken bats. There were three obvious broken bats and a couple of odd sounding hits. Luckily, no one was hit by flying pieces of bat.


Pitching change

The Rockies scored first in the fourth inning, but the Rangers found their bats in the top of the fifth to go ahead. The Rockies tried to come back in the bottom of the ninth but fell short. The final score was Rangers 4 Rockies 3.


Final Score Rangers 4 Rockies 3

I thought the trip home would be easier with the earlier start time and relatively short game. I was wrong. The traffic on the loop roads was as bad as it was every other day. The road has an HOV-2 lane that is only separated from the rest of the lanes by a solid white line. Traffic near major intersections needs to cross through the other 3 lanes to enter and exit the HOV-2 lane. It seems to slow things down more than it helps smooth the traffic out.

Once I got out the metro Phoenix traffic into the open desert the traffic went down, but the wind came up. There were high wind and Red flag warnings today. I think the area dodged the fire danger, but the wind was a challenge to drive through.

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