Shorter Travel Day

Saturday February 25th 2017

Yesterday afternoon the temperature was in the mid 80s, this morning it was around 50 and this afternoon the temperature is topped out at around 60. The sun is shining brightly but the weather pattern sure changed. I also change my travel pattern. After 3 days of hard driving for 5 to 7 hours I slowed down today.

I got on the road at 9:30 this morning from my starting point about 100 miles east of San Antonio. I chose to take one of the loop roads around the city to the north. Mileage wise it was a little shorter than the route through the center of the city. I also suspect the road surface was better than I-10. The down side is that it started off with a few traffic lights before it transitioned into a limited access highway. It also had more traffic than I had anticipated.

Once I was around San Antonio and back on I-10, I was solidly in Texas’s hill country. The road went up and down continuously. After several months in the flat country this was quite a change. When I’m driving in this kind of terrain I have a bigger problem with the trailer trucks. I can maintain speed going up hill better than many trucks, but they go faster on the flats. If I pass them going up the hill, they usually pass me before the next hill. On the other hand if I don’t pass them I loose momentum and struggle up the hill. So it is hopscotch time.

My research indicated that the campground choices along this section of I-10 were widely scattered. That meant I need to stop short or travel longer to find a place to stop overnight. When I started the journey this morning I was prepared to go the distance if necessary, but I was more inclined to stop early. I needed a break from the long days on the road. Full campgrounds or a perfect travel day (what ever that is) were the things that would cause me to go the distance.


Site 39 at the Kerrville KOA

Just before 1PM I found an available site at the Kerrville KOA. It was advertised as the last site by the check in clerk. I think that meant the last site she thought I could fit on, but I’m not complaining. I get to relax for the afternoon. I’m still on track for my March 1st reservation in Eloy Arizona with a night to spare if necessary.

This campground is in a valley with a stream running through it. If heavy rain was scheduled I’d be a little concerned. I crossed a bridge that becomes a ford during heavy rain to get here. The depth gauge beside the road measured up to 3 feet above the road surface. The campground would be flooded if the water over the road was that high.

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