Complicated Travel Day

Friday February 24th 2017

It was a great weather day with highs in the low 80s. To bad my travel day didn’t go as well. I am safely in Schulenburg Tx, about 100 miles west of Houston, after seven and a half hours on the road.

I got started a little before nine thirty this morning. The travel through western Louisiana was pretty good. The road passed through a lot of intentionally flooded fields. My guess is they were growing rice. The only obstacle to a smooth trip out of Louisiana was the city of Lake Charles. I took the interstate through the city rather than the longer beltway. The traffic wasn’t bad, but the road was horrible.


Texas Welcome Center

I arrived at the Texas Welcome center around 11AM. It is a very nice facility with a board walk into the Blue Elbow Swamp. I took a quick walk out into the swamp, but didn’t see any wildlife so cut the walk short and got back on the road. When I stopped for gas a little later I was reminded of Texas’s rather unique exit configurations. They make heavy use of frontage roads that parallel the highway. Exits are often between two cross roads requiring you to travel parallel to the highway on the frontage road to get to the intersection. I think it uses less land, but requires more driving.


Sitting in traffic for an hour and a half.

My plan was to pass through Houston in the early afternoon before the afternoon rush started. The highway gods didn’t like that idea. Sixty miles east of the Houston area the Interstate was blocked by and accident. Not being familiar with the area I had little choice but wait it out. Some cars and a few trailer trucks took off cross country on a gravel road through the fields. Without a navigator and not being able to backup while towing the car, it wasn’t worth the risk to me.
I waited for over an hour and a half before I got by the area of the wreck. It looked like a tandem trailer and a trash hauler were involved in the accident.

The delay found me going through the middle of Houston at the start of rush hour on a Friday afternoon. In my trip planning I had looked at options to go around Houston. The problem is many, if not all, of the roads around Houston are toll roads that require a special transponder to pay the toll. The traffic through the city was heavy. It only came to a crawl a couple of times. It was a very tense drive.


Site 49 at the Schulenburg RV Park


This duck is my neighbor.

Once I was clear of the city I started looking for a place to stay for the night. I stopped at the first rest area and made a few calls. I’m at the Schulenburg RV Park in Schulenburg TX. It is about 100 miles west of Houston and about the same east of San Antonio. Tomorrow is another travel day.

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