Windy End of Day

Sunday February 26th 2017

I got started at 9:15 this morning in drizzly rain. It didn’t require more than a very intermittent windshield wiper pass, but it made things messy. After about an hour the sun broke through for the rest of the day. The temperature made it into the low 70s.

The road was pretty good. It became monotonous after I got west of the Texas hill country. The road climbed over a ridge then traversed the flat then up the next ridge only to repeat the cycle again and again. I was one of the slowest vehicles on the road. The speed limit is 80mph, but I maintained my natural speed. Without paying significant attention to speed I seem to settle in at 64 miles per hour. Cars, trucks and other RVs went by me all day. I only had to pass a few trucks and an RV or two.


Posted speed limit of 80


Climbing out of the valley.


Road cut through white rock. In the distance it resembles dirty snow.


Crossing the flat ground between the ridges.

The last one hundred miles or so were the worst miles of the day. I meet up with a strong wind out of the west. That means I was driving right into it. My first indicator was the need to add gas and the transmission down shifted to maintain speed. About that time I noticed the tall grass along the side of the highway was almost blown flat by the wind. There weren’t any trees with leaves to provide a better indicator. I was soon making many steering adjustments as the force of the wind varied and the direction moved off the front corner and back.

The wind made me use gas faster than expected. I stopped early for gas when it got below a quarter tank. At the gas station, I almost had to hold on to keep from blowing away. The TV news this evening reported steady winds around 20mph with gusts in the 30s. Tomorrow is only supposed to have winds in the teens.


Site F-10 at the Van Horn RV Park


Cactus replace hedges, evergreens and flowering bushes in this region of the country.

I arrived at the Van Horn RV Park after six and half hours and 370 miles. Van Horn TX is about 120 miles east of El Paso. The time zone transition to mountain time is between here and there so I’ll need to take that into account tomorrow. I want to pass through the city after the rush hour. My goal is a shorter travel day to around Deming New Mexico.

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