New Location for January

Friday December 30th 2016

The cold front moved through last night with a brief down pour. As a result it is ten to fifteen degrees cooler today. I have a long sleeve shirt on for the first time in a long time.

Today is moving day. I moved my RV home about 30 miles north to the town of Ruskin Florida. The Tampa South RV Resort will be my home until the end of January. Last nights cold front had a couple of annoying level impacts on my travel today. The rain storm left a puddle on top of the slide out room awning. When I bring in the slide Niagara Falls crashes down the side of the rig. The other annoyance is the high winds on the backside of the front. The Motorhome got pushed around pretty good on the drive.


Site at Tampa South RV Resort. The grown is covered with crushed shells. It’s not snow.

This is a fairly typical RV park. The sites are only as big as they have to be and there are a good number of park models. So far it has been a friendly enough place. This park is squeezed between highway 41 and the Little Manatee River. The road noise doesn’t seem to be too bad, but just the other side of the road is a train track. So far two trains have gone by. Train tracks and RV parks always seem to have an affinity. It is not unusual to hear a train in the middle of the night when staying at an RV park.

Today seems to be a big arrival day at this park. The guys in golf carts have been busy bringing the new arrivals to their sites. I arrived just as a Motorhome was being lead to their site and as I was escorted in, another rig arrived. Some of the big rigs had an interesting time getting into their assigned sites. All of the arrivals kept the noise level high most of the day, but it has quieted down nicely.

The resort has fishing docks and boat moorings on the Little Manatee River. When I checked it out this afternoon, there were several day use boats tied up. I had expected it to have cruising boats, but maybe they can’t get this far up river. Also, the water level looked low. A sand bar area was visible on the far bank. It’s a good chance the docks are just for the park residents boats.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a little warmer and by Sunday the idea of a cold front will be long forgotten. New Years day should be back in the 80s  about 10 degrees above normal.

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