Preparation Day

Thursday December 29th 2016

The warm sunny weather continued today, but it is forecast to change tonight. Friday and Saturday are scheduled to be cooler than normal in the 60s. Today was a day of preparations.

The primary task was getting ready for the move tomorrow. I had Christmas decorations to take down in addition to usual outside stuff that I take care of the day before travel. The inside stuff can be done in a short time tomorrow morning. Since I only have a short distance to travel, I won’t be in a rush.

The second task for the day was restocking the cupboards and refrigerator. A trip to the Super Walmart was much less hectic than before the holiday. They still had close to the pre-holiday number of cashiers on so there were no lines. I haven’t resorted to preparing grocery lists so I need to go up and down the aisle to trigger my memory. I often return home without something significant. Luckily, that didn’t happen today. I also didn’t come home with many unplanned purchases.

While I was out I also did some scouting for a good place to buy gas in the Motorhome. I can’t stop at just any gas station. I need to be able to get in and out of the station without too much difficulty. I found a few possibilities. The one thing I noticed is that the price of gas went up fifteen to sixteen cents yesterday. I’m not sure if it is supply and demand or some new tax. Either way it is going to cost more to fill the Motorhome tank.


My friend the tortoise had no interest in me today.

Back at the campground I took one final walk around the park. I saw one of the Gopher Tortoises out in the open. It wasn’t interested in my attempt to say goodbye. It steadily moved along away from me. I guess there is no reason to come back and visit.

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