Finishing off the year

Saturday December 31st 2016

The temperature got up to normal for the area today. It was in the low 70s with a strong wind. Tomorrow it will be even warmer.

This morning I looked took a walk around the campground. There are several sites waiting for the after Christmas rush to arrive. In the past I’ve driven north after vacationing around this time. The southbound side of Interstate 95 has been chock full of RV coming for the winter. Other sites in the park have rigs on them that appear to be empty. My guess is there owners are on a trip home for the holidays.

This park has a different mix of license plates than the park I was in last winter. The plates here are heavy on the Midwest states with only a few from the eastern seaboard or Canada. Oddly, there’s even one from Oregon. The park I stayed at last winter had mostly eastern seaboard and Canada snowbirds. The difference may be as simple as the nearby Interstate. Interstate 75 comes down from Michigan and Ohio whereas Interstate 95 comes down from the northeast.


Looking west toward the mouth of the Little Manatee River

On my walk I stopped by the sitting area that overlooks the Little Manatee river for awhile. In addition to the docks at this campground, there are docks up river at the next campground or mobile home park. I keep expecting to see boat traffic but the river has been quiet. This morning’s low temperatures may be the reason.

This afternoon I went south to Sarasota for Lunch/Dinner with friends. The restaurant overlook the Intercostal waterway. It was far from quiet. There were many boats both fast and slow running up and down the waterway. A couple of sailboats even needed the drawbridge to be open to pass through.

I find it hard to believe that tomorrow is New Years day. I need to finish my blog entry summarizing my thoughts on this year of travel. I’ve been working on it for a few days now, but it isn’t done yet.

Happy New Year everyone!

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