Bird Watching my way

Wednesday December 28th 2016

After spending yesterday driving and sight seeing all day, today was a stay at home day. It was a little cooler today, but still higher than the seasonal norms. There was nothing to complain about the weather and hard to write about in this blog. Writing about the weather when I don’t know what else to write about is one of my bad writing habits. It isn’t going to work tonight.

The highlight of the day was a half an hour spent lake side. One little heron was putting on a show as it bounced around looking for lunch. I sat on the bench with my camera snapping pictures. I’ve include three in this blog entry.


Watching to the right.


Watching to the left.


Got it!

The heron was the only significant wildlife I saw on my walk today. As usual there were lots of geckos running around to stay out of my way as a walked along. The little things usually scramble onto a tree or shrub and watch as I walk by. If I show any interest in them they run around the trunk and up the tree. The first couple of times it is amusing.

One of the advantages of staying home today was cooking a big dinner. I’ve had a couple of pork chops in the refrigerator for awhile. It was either cook them or freeze them time. I chose to grill them and eat one along with a baked potato. The second one will get added to something like rice for another meal later in the week. For the most part the supplies in the refrigerator are now current. Nothing is going to spoil in the next few days.

Tomorrow is my last full day at the Lake Manatee State Park. On Friday I move up the road about 30 road miles. It’s a lot less as the crow flies. I’ll be spending the month of January in Ruskin FL on the shore of the Little Manatee river.

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