Christmas on the Beach

Sunday December 25th

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.


My Christmas tree.

Today tied the record for the warmest Christmas day in the Tampa area. It was around 85 here today. It is forecast to be warmer than the 70 degree norm for most of the week. I really like the weather, but I can’t equate it with Christmas.

After Christmas dinner with friends it was time for the beach. Unfortunately, other people had the same idea. The parking lot at the award winning Sarasota County Siesta Key Beach was overflowing. A continuous stop and go flow of cars up and down the parking aisles didn’t produce any available space. I ended up at the beach on the south end of the island. There were a few parking spaces available.

The beach was full of people taking the sun and many that were actually in the gulf water. Walking along the water line, the water seem to be about 70 degrees. Not uncomfortable by northern standards and probably a little warmer than the Atlantic Ocean water I experienced at the beginning of the month.

Going to the beach on Christmas is becoming a habit. Last Christmas I traveled from my campsite in the Orlando area to Coco Beach on the Atlantic. I’m much closer to the gulf coast today. Next Christmas will be another story. If all goes according to plan I’ll be in the southwest next Christmas. The Pacific will probably be a little too far away for a day trip. Maybe Christmas of 2018 the habit will become a tradition.

sun1Traffic all day has been heavy. I don’t know when people took time to open presents, eat or socialize. The local roads and the interstate were all full of cars going somewhere. I got back to the campground a little after 5:30. Usually the campground is settling in for the night by then, but tonight there has been a lot of cars returning to the campground. So the heavy traffic on the roads continued into the campground.

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