A Slow Day

Monday December 26th 2016

I woke up this morning and the clock read 9:30. While I might chose not to get up until 9:30, I’m usually wake up by 7:30. This late start set the trend for the entire day.

I lingered over my morning coffee and reading, before starting my daily walk around the state park. The sun was high in the sky and the temperature was in the 80s by the time I set out. Today I took a trail that I hadn’t been on yet. I didn’t see any wildlife on the walk, but I saw plenty of evidence that it exists. The edges of the trail and occasionally the trail itself have holes where animals have been digging. In most cases the holes seem to be from animals looking for bugs and other small food. A few of the larger holes are probably burrows for tortoises.

The wind today was brisk.  All of the shore birds were on the far side of the lake sheltered from the wind. The state park side had all of the loose water plants blown tight to the shore. The boats getting loaded at the boat ramp were covered with green plants. It was so bad that you could follow a trail of green plants up the road toward the exit.


A Great Egret on the far side of the lake.

Late this afternoon I decided to see a movie. The Star Wars Rogue One buzz had raised my interests. I arrived at the theater complex to find a nearly full parking lot. People were heading into the building in large groups. I should have been suspicious, but I parked in the back of the lot and headed into the building. In the lobby the crowds were lined up to purchase tickets or redeem certain kinds of online purchases. The line was longer than I saw at Disney World a couple of weeks ago. I had half an hour until show time, but after 5 minutes I hadn’t moved. The odds were against me making it into the theater before the feature started, if I succeeded in purchasing a ticket at all. I decided to try again another day.

I think my overall patience was low today. First I bailed on the movie then I bailed on watching the sunset on Anna Maria Island. The backlog of cars going over the bridge was long. At first I thought it was a raised drawbridge, but it was just very slow moving traffic. After moving 100 feet in five minutes I turned around and headed home.

The moral of this story seems to be don’t sleep in. It turns the entire day upside down.

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