A Two Tortoise Day

Saturday December 24th 2016

Today was a two tortoise day. On my walk through the state park I saw two of the slow moving shelled creatures. The first was in the campsite across the road from my site. It was in front of the trailer parked at the site. How it got there and where it was going is a mystery. It was gone when I got back from my walk.


Tortoise visiting the next site.

The second tortoise was in the day use area near where I saw one a couple of days ago. This one was a little more animated. It moved its head to track my movements around it. Both of the others froze when I got near them. It was nice to see proof that the animal was alive.


Tortoise in the day use area. This one was actually smaller than the one in the campground.

Most of the day was as sluggish as the tortoises. Until I left the park around four I watched a lot of television. The NFL football early games were entertaining, but once again the AFC game was not the Patriots game. Today the local market game was the Dolphins vs. Bills. I kept my eyes on the update scores across the bottom of the screen for the Pats score more than I paid attention to the game.


Little Blue Heron in the weeds at the lake.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

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