Almost Christmas Shopping

Friday December 23rd 2016

I changed things up a little today. I went for my walk around the park this morning. Today didn’t start with fog and clouds like the last couple of days. It was sunny from the start.

fi1I don’t know if was the morning time frame or that more people are off from work, but the lake was alive with boaters and fishermen. One group of 3 adults and about 7 kids were working on launching 4 kayaks and a canoe for some paddling and fishing. It was like watching the keystone cops. First they had to figure out what life vests fit what kid, then they tried to figure out what kids would be in what boat. Inevitably, the kid that ended up in a single seat kayak didn’t have a clue how to paddle a kayak. After watching this “show” for ten or fifteen minutes I continued on, but they still hadn’t launched.

Toward the end of the day I went out to run some errands otherwise known as shopping. Once again I didn’t remember it was two days before Christmas until I arrived at the store. I think my conscience still equates cold weather and snow with Christmas. The parking lot was close to full and I had to park in left field. Inside the store it wasn’t too bad. The isles were passable and the checkout lines were only one or two customers deep.

With a certain amount of false confidence I decided to try the stores at the next exit north on the Interstate. There is a Kmart and an Outlet Mall at the that exit. My luck started to drain away. The interstate was moving at about 30mph for the approximately six miles to the exit. The congestion on the surface streets getting to the Kmart was heavy. It took two traffic lights to get into the parking lot. The shopping at Kmart was a bust.


Outlet mall without decorations. The palm trees don’t work well with my idea of Christmas.

The next stop was at the Outlet mall. I was hoping to see Christmas decorations and maybe buy a Christmas present for myself. My luck continued on the negative side. There were next to no decoration in the mall areas or any of the stores. I almost bought a windbreaker style jacket at the Columbia Sportswear outlet until I calculated the price. After all the discounts the price dropped from $189 to around $60, but quality wise it was only a little better than a Walmart special at $40. I don’t like these games or I’m just being cheap.

Traffic returning to the campground was much better. With every mile closer to home my luck returned to be used another day.

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