Full Moon

Thursday August 18th 2016

It was another hot and humid day. I didn’t do much outside today. I spent most of the day inside not doing much at all.

I stretched my breakfast coffee into a 2 hour affair by reading blog pages on the Internet, searching for information and watching TV. I drank the whole pot of coffee this morning. Usually, I only finish about two thirds of the pot.

My afternoon was spent watching TV and napping. Even though I got a good nights sleep, some how I lost an hour during the afternoon to sleep. With any luck, I will still be able to sleep tonight.

Late in the afternoon, I went out to dinner at the Cracker Barrel at the Airport exit off of I-95. Thursday is their special is turkey with dressing. It’s pretty good and Cracker Barrel in the late afternoon or early evening is not a bad place for a single to eat. After my meal I checked out the Economy parking lot at the Airport for my flight on Sunday. Believe it or not, the fee is only $5 a day.


The best picture I could get with my limited photography equipment and skill of tonight’s Full moon.

This evening I have been trying to get a picture of the full moon with one of my point and shoot cameras. It is a lost cause. Neither of my little Canon cameras have enough zoom or low light capabilities to pick up any of the definition visible with the naked eye. The good thing about my Canon Power Shot cameras is they are always available on my belt and produce a little better picture than my cell phone. I know I am going to have to buy a Digital SLR camera or something with interchangeable lenses before I get out west or into heavy wildlife areas.

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