A Stay at Home Day

Friday August 19th 2016

Today was a lot like yesterday. It was hot and I didn’t have a great deal of motivation to leave the RV. I worked in and around my RV home today.

One of the things I’ve been doing is assembling a list of warranty repairs for my RV that need to be completed. After the sale of my house closes, I need to make a run to Red Bay, Alabama to get the repairs completed at the factory. The one year warranty runs out at the beginning of October. The advantage associated with a trip to the factory instead of having any authorized dealer complete the tasks are two fold. The biggest advantage is that the factory service center is first come first served. You don’t need to make an appointment for some day weeks or even months in the future and being the factory, they usually fix it right the first time.

My understanding of the way it works at the factory service center comes from the internet. Hopefully that is close to accurate. They have a large campground with hookups at the service center. Once you check in, a customer service tech visits you at your site to go over the list of things you need completed. Your scheduled for a service bay based on complexity of task. It usually takes a couple of days to a week to get in depending on how busy they are. Now until the middle of October is supposed to be a slow time.

I haven’t had any debilitating problems with the RV. They are mostly things with easy work arounds or annoyances. The two biggest items are the power window in the drivers door doesn’t work reliably and the black tank flush doesn’t seem to work. I re-tried each of these issues today to make sure they were not just operator error. They are real issues so they are on the list. The other items are adjustments and replacing a window shade that doesn’t work.

There may be one other problem to fix. Over the winter I had a water leak in the hot water line to the shower. Unfortunately, the evidence of this leak has gone away. I find it hard to believe it’s fixed without intervention. There is something wrong with trying to re-create a leak, but that is exactly what I’ve been doing. If I can’t get it to happen again, I’ll report it and have them log it as a problem identified during the warranty period. They are reported to be good about fixing things like reported during the warranty period at later time.

In addition to the repair list, I got a few other things accomplished around the RV. Outside, I put the sun shades on the tires that face the sun to prevent UV exposure and I dumped the holding tanks. Inside I did more internet research and made a few calls to setup appointments regarding the sale of the house in New Hampshire.


Interesting cloud pattern as the storm front moves into the area.

Late in the day the weather deteriorated. A brief line of storms went through about 3PM and a heavier storm hit around 8PM. It seems to have cooled things off a little. My roof AC units are cycling off for much longer periods of time.

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