Thoughts on the Heat

Wednesday August 17th 2016

Today was another hot and humid day. Getting acclimate to this weather is not easy. The real issue is going from air conditioned space to the outside heat and humidity. Sitting and light activity out of the direct sun is OK. Anything in the direct sun is uncomfortable very quickly. The two air conditioners on my motorhome keep the inside comfortable, but one is always running during the heat of the day. Once the sun sets the AC units get some rest.

After breakfast and a little time with the morning Olympics coverage, I took a drive in search of the sea. Basically, I went into Jacksonville and followed the north bank of the St. Johns River to the ocean. Then I continued north on route A1A to Amelia Island.

Along the St Johns river I passed a massive freight terminal for cargo ship and a little ferry dock where route A1A crosses the river. Somehow the two extremes of shipping struck me as anachronistic. The ferry may be used by many people who want to avoid the long drive back to the bridge at Interstate 295, but it just seemed like a throw back to an era before Interstate highways and massive bridges. I might just take that ferry another day.

My drive north on A1A ended on Amelia island when I found signs directing me to I-95. This trip was really a scouting mission for another day. All of the places I passed with water access charged for admission or parking. There were several state parks that have good trails. I will go back another day with plans to spend some time. The northern end of Amelia Island also has Fort Clinch state park that I’ve wanted to see.

The parts of Amelia Island I’ve seen so far didn’t impress me. It is clearly a high end community. Gated housing developments line the roads that have roundabouts at every intersection to manage traffic and keep speeds down. They also make it hard to navigate because the discreet signage is several hundred feet before the rotary. I was ready to head back to camp when I found the signs for Interstate 95.


Pond in the Pecan Park RV Resort.

This evening I took another walk around the campground for exercise. I checked out the pond in the campground for wildlife. I didn’t see any birds or reptiles. The are supposed to be fish in the pond as signs call for catch and release fishing. I suspect that during the winter northern water fowl may make this pond and the accompanying marsh home.

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