They say it’s hot

Wednesday July 27th 2016

Several thunderstorms went through last night. The light show and noise on the roof lasted from around 8PM until after midnight. Everything was damp this morning, but it was still very muggy. The day started in the low 70s and climbed rapidly.

After my free breakfast of a waffle and coffee at the campground, I got underway at around 10AM. I only had about 200 miles to travel. Like yesterday, I had an audio book playing during the drive. It served to keep me entertained or distracted. I’m not sure which. I am aware of traffic and not surprised by the actions of other drivers, but I’m not as aware of distance traveled or where exactly I am. I don’t seem to read every exit sign or mileage sign when the audio book is playing. I managed to find the exit for the gas station I planned to stop at, but I missed stopping at the North Carolina Welcome center. The audio book is almost finished so I’ll be back to searching the radio for something other than Spanish or Religion. I may have to download a bunch of podcasts.

I stopped for gas at the last exit on Interstate 95 in Virginia. I’ve stopped at this exit before so I knew I could get the RV in and out of the pumps easily. I paid 1.94 per gallon of gas. This is cheapest gas I’ve seen since last winter. The per gallon cost in New England is still 20 cents higher and I paid 2.29 per gallon in Pennsylvania. I put in over 50 gallons so the pennies make a difference.

The big story down here is the heat. The local resident at the campground that checked me in apologized for the weather. She indicated that it was much hotter than normal. The national weather service has a severe heat warning out. The TV weather forecasters said the heat index (temperature adjusted for humidity) today got up to 116. It sounds like it will continue through at least Saturday.


Site 220 at Tranter’s Creek Resort & Campground

My site is in an open field with no shade so the AC will get a good exercise. I got setup gradually with a couple of breaks inside the rig in air conditioned comfort. I had the AC running off the generator on the last hour or so of the trip down so the rig was cool before I arrived. While working outside the sweat was pouring off. About 5PM a cell of thunderstorms went through that dropped the temperature to around 80. I doubt it will go down any further over night.

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