Travel from PA to VA

Tuesday July 26th 2016

The start of my second travel day began with fog. The valley I was camped in was completely socked in when I woke this morning. It burned off before I got underway at 9AM. As I moved south on the highway the temperature climbed. It was 96 degrees when I stopped in Ashland VA at about 2:30.

Today’s travel was much easier than yesterday. Once I cleared the Harrisburg PA area the traffic was not difficult. This is according to plan. I travel this route to avoid the congestion of the northeast corridor. I take interstate 81 through Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia into Virginia before I cut back east to re-join interstate 95 below Washington DC.

Between the easy traffic and an audio book playing on the dashboard entertainment center, I was in Virginia looking for my turn east on Interstate 66 before I knew it. I passed by both the West Virginia and the Virginia welcome centers. There were no other convenient places to stop until I got to I95. My lunch and bathroom break were overdue. I made a quick stop at the rest area on I95 but put off lunch until I made camp about 30 miles down the road.


Site E17 at Americamps RV Resort in Ashland Virginia

My stop for the night is in the Americamps RV Resort in Ashland VA. This has been a regular stop for me when traveling I95 up and down the east coast. I’ve stayed here about 10 times for a night or two. It is an easy on and easy off from the interstate. They currently serve a waffle breakfast every weekday morning which is a nice perk for a traveler. I don’t have to get all the stuff out to make coffee and breakfast.

It was still in the 90s at 7PM tonight. Thunderstorms have been all around the area, but haven’t hit here yet. Right now the AC units on my RV home are getting a workout.

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