Domestic Chores

Thursday July 28th 2016

Today was a good day to stay in air conditioned comfort. The National Weather Service had an extreme heat warning out for this area. The high temperature was in the upper 90s with the high humidity the heat index was around 110.

This was the first day in several weeks that I wasn’t traveling or working on the house. I used the time to catch up with some domestic chores and work on getting things ready for setting up domicile in Florida.

After breakfast the first task was to dig out the checkbook and pay a few bills. It was then time to find the post office to buy stamps and mail the payments. I found the post office in a large building in downtown Washington NC. It had a large parking lot with only a couple of cars. It looked more abandon than thriving, but once inside it had a fairly lively trade going on.

With the outgoing mail accomplished I turned my focus to grocery shopping. The Super Walmart satisfied that requirement. One of the things that I was low on was bottled water and other drinks. In this climate it is important to have plenty to drink.

Back at my RV home this afternoon, I worked on changing email and regular mail addresses. I seem to be able to do most of these online. I won’t be certain it works until I receive stuff at the new address. One necessity for setting up domicile in Florida is showing official mail from the government or financial institution at your Florida address. This whole process is going to be very interesting (by which I mean a pain in the butt).

I’ve also been working on storing some of the stuff I’ve been carrying inside the RV in the basement storage area. After 10 months of living in the RV I have a better understanding of what I don’t need on a regular bases. Those things can be kept in the harder to access basement area. If I don’t use them from the basement in the next year, they probably could be thrown out.

This evening I got the gas grill out to cook a couple of hamburgers for supper. It wasn’t possible, from a comfort perspective, to stay with the grill in the bright sun. I’d get it going then retreat into the RV or to the shade at the back of the rig. It isn’t bad standing outside if your not in the direct sun. Anything more than standing causes the sweat to start rolling. I’m not complaining so much as learning.

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