Travel Day to PA

Monday July 25th 2016

It was hot and muggy this morning when I started the packing and hook up process tp get on the road. It was about 9:30 when I left the campground. That was about a half an hour later than I’d planned. I had a reservation in Jonestown PA about 325 miles and five and half hours away.

The trip was primarily on Interstate 84 and Interstate 81. I avoid 81 going through Hartford CT by going south on Interstate 91 then cutting over to I81 on Interstate 691. Anything I can do to avoid sections of I84 west of Hartford is helpful. The road is heavily traveled, in a poor state of repair and is very hilly. Once in New York, the road is smother, but the traffic and hills continue.

I had to crawl slowly through several areas in New York and Pennsylvania because of construction. The New York sections were temporary construction sites, but the Pennsylvanian construction sites were long term. The PA approach is to shut down a whole direction for several miles and route traffic as a single lane separated by tall jersey barriers. The lanes are only a little over 9 feet wide and my RV is 8.5 feet wide so it takes concentration to get through.

Just to the east of Scranton PA I encountered the first line of thunderstorms. It wasn’t to bad. The bulk of the storm was to the north of my location. From Scranton south, I encountered three more thunderstorms. The first was during one of the slow crawls leading up to a narrow lane section of road. This was fortuitous since the impact of the rain and wind at the very slow speed was negligible. Further along I encountered another thunderstorm with high winds in an area I needed to maintain a reasonable speed for safety. I brought my speed down from around 62 to around 50 along with the big trucks.


Site 86 at the Jonestown/Hershey KOA


My neighbors across the driveway.

I made it safely to my destination a little after 4pm. It took an hour or so more than it would have without the construction and rain. I was assigned pull through site number 86. The sun was shining and it was warming back up. I got setup and turned on the air conditioner to get the rig to a comfortable level.

Not long after I got setup another line of thunderstorms came through the area. These were accompanied by sever thunderstorm warnings. The wind blew hard enough to rock the motorhome and the rain came down hard. By 7:30 all was calm and it was already starting to warm up again. Sounds like tomorrow will be more of the same as I move south.

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