Last day working on the house

Sunday July 24th 2016

It was a little cooler today. The humidity was down and the temperatures stayed in the low 90s.

I got an early start for New Hampshire. Traffic was light compared to previous commutes. After a stop for breakfast at McDonalds, I got to work on the house. This is my last day to get everything ready for potential buyers.

I made a run to Goodwill with an old bicycle and a few small appliances. Then I focused on each room in the house. I needed to answer the following questions.

  • Have I got everything I want to keep from this room?
  • Is the room staged for visitors?
  • Is the room reasonably clean?

The rooms on the main floor passed the test after a few hours work. The basement is another story. All of the little stuff that I haven’t gotten rid of yet is down there. Even so, it is more organized and clean than it has been in a long while.

I now have a bunch of little stuff here at my RV home that needs to be sorted through and stowed away. I’ve tried to avoid loading up the RV with more stuff, but this is the last push. Hopefully, during the sorting process, I’ll decide I really don’t need the additional stuff.

The trip back from New Hampshire was a traffic nightmare. Given that it was late Sunday afternoon this was not a surprise. Travel from Auburn to Sturbridge on the Massachusetts turnpike was three lanes of stop and go traffic. Occasionally it would get up to 40mph for a half a mile or so only to stop and crawl for a ways.

I got back to the campground a little after 7pm. All of the weekend residents have departed and a couple of travelers have arrived. Hopefully we won’t all try to leave at the same time tomorrow morning. I don’t want to wait in line at the dumping station.

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