More traffic and thunderstorms

Saturday July 23rd 2016

It was another hot and humid summer day. The weather talkers on TV said it was not as bad today as yesterday, but to me it was worse.

I spent some time this morning visiting and showing off my RV home. I got started for New Hampshire a little before noon. Unfortunately, everybody else was on the road at the same time. The roads are only design to carry so many vehicles. My guess the limit was exceeded today. It only took about half an hour longer than normal, but it seemed like hours.

At the house I didn’t get very much accomplished. The heat was inside the house today. Earlier in the week the inside of the house was more comfortable. At one point I took a break from cleaning to grab some food at Wendy’s and to get my hair cut. My hair was over due. It was heavy and shaggy so I wanted to get it done while I still knew where to have it cut. Finding a suitable place on the road with be another one of those little challenges.

I headed back to the campground a little before 6PM. My goal was to stay ahead of the line of thunderstorms approaching from the north. I was successful. It did not rain during my commute. In fact, the storm line broke before it reached my location in Brimfield.


This campgrounds version of a Hay Ride without Hay.  It has Santa Clause on board with lots of American Flags handing out the sides.  I think they have the holiday’s confused.

The folks at the campground were enjoying the evening. Many campgrounds have a “hay ride”. This one has a wagon that reminds me of a covered bridge being pulled by a tractor. It went by my site a couple of times this evening.

Tomorrow I’ll make one last trip to New Hampshire to finish up preparing the house to be shown to perspective buyers. There a lots of things I need to do and lots of little things I want to do. Monday morning I begin my travel south.

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