Dodging Thunderstorms

Friday July 22nd 2016

Sunny, hot and humid are the words that best describe today. The temperature was in the mid 90s with scattered thunderstorms in the forecast.

Travel today wasn’t much better than yesterday. A Friday in the middle of July is not a good day to be on the road if you can avoid it. I couldn’t. I left for New Hampshire a little later than yesterday at 9. Most of the commuters had reached their destinations. Except for construction the traffic was OK. Usually, construction on Friday’s in the summer is limited. It didn’t seem to be so today. I passed through two areas of construction that had traffic backed up.

The main focus for today was a meeting with a real estate agent to get the house listed. It will be on the market as of Monday. Only time will tell how successfully. I still have a lot of clear out to complete before the property changes hands, but heading south seems do-able now. I’ll probably fly back to take care of some of the stuff that’s left.

Heading back south to the campground this evening. I was behind, west of, several severe thunderstorms. There was evidence that it had rained but I had very little actual rain falling where I was traveling. What I could see were high banks of very impressive clouds. The setting sun was coloring the tops of the clouds red. Occasionally, a bolt of cloud to ground lightening could be seen. It was a very impressive display of mother natures power.

When I got back to the campground a dozen or so more campers had arrived for the weekend. The field that had been empty this morning was about three quarters full. Interestingly, the site next door to my rig was still empty. I wonder what’s wrong with the site? It looks leveler than many.

It had rained at the campground while I was out. I had prepared the RV ahead by closing many of the windows and the overhead vents. So everything was dry, but it was very hot inside. Now, almost 3 hours later, it is starting to get cool enough in here to sleep. This is without turning on the AC. If it’s still to warm to sleep, I’ll turn on one of the ACs.

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