Another day dodging the rain

Wednesday June 29th 2016

The rain finally arrived in the early morning. It had stopped before it was time to get out of bed. Driving north I saw evidence of previous showers but save for a few seconds I never had to turn on the windshield wipers. It threatened to rain at any minute all day. The combination of sunshine, bright billowy clouds and dark storm clouds made an interesting sky.

The rain was a non-issue on the return trip. I wish I could say the same about the traffic. For some reason the traffic was heavy this evening. It is possible that people are getting a head start on the holiday weekend and heading to Cape Cod early.

There is no evidence of early holiday participants in the campground. The park is quieter and emptier tonight than it was yesterday. Some of the travelers have departed. They have not be replace by as many other travelers or early weekenders. I saw a new state for a traveler. There is a trailer here from Oklahoma. I haven’t seen many travelers from the Sooner state.


This is a close up of a blossom behind my RV, There are many of them that I hadn’t seen until today.

On my walk this evening I met the woman who tends the flower garden around the laundry. I was surprised to see the garden getting as much attention. I got the impression that she really enjoys keeping the garden weeded and the dead blossoms plucked. It seemed to be far more than a job. I don’t know if she is one of the work campers, a paid employee or a manager. I didn’t ask and you really can’t tell the difference.

I have noticed that some of the work campers that were here last month have moved on and been replaced by others. Work campers usually exchange a set number of hours of work per week for a campsite. This is a KOA campground. They seem to use lots of work campers, many for short terms like 3 months. Most private campgrounds expect work campers to stay for longer periods of time. KOAs can use people for a shorter period of time if they have been trained at other KOAs. It is one of the advantages to working for the franchise.

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