Canal Bicycle Ride

Thursday June 30th 2016

They say in this lifestyle plans are made in Jello. That was the case today. I didn’t make the commute to New Hampshire to work on the house. Instead I went for a bicycle ride on the Cape Cod Canal service road.

Today was the best day weather wise in the forecast for the next several days. It was sunny with low humidity and low wind. A perfect day for riding my bicycle along the canal. I put the bike rake on the car and loaded up the bicycle for the 20 minute drive to the canal. The traffic heading for the Cape was heavy but not bad for the distance I traveled. Later I saw that traffic over the bridges was stop and go. I stayed on the mainland side of the canal.

I road about half the canal service road. I started from the railroad bridge and turned around just before the Herring Run at the middle of the land cut. I haven’t ridden in the last few weeks and didn’t want to over do it. The total ride was only about 7 miles. The other thing that was nagging me was a dragging rear brake caliper on the bicycle. I fixed that with a little oil after I got home.


Sailboat coming under the Bourne bridge. It was not making much headway against the current. One could walk faster than it was moving. Note the stop and go traffic on the bridge.


Close-up of the sailboat. Note that they proudly fly an over size  the Canadian flag. Given its direction of travel, it is probably headed home.

There was a lot of activity on the canal service road and in the canal. The service road had the usual compliment of riders, walkers, joggers, skaters and others. The canal had many recreational boaters and the Canal Cruise boat. The cruise is a narrated excursion from Onset harbor. It’s about a three hour tour, but not to Gilligan’s Island.

While I was out I stopped at the Supper Walmart over near Plymouth to stock up on food for the weekend. This is a much better Walmart than the one nearer to the campground in Taunton. I will still probably stop at a grocery store one of the days this weekend as I continue my commute to work on the house. I’ve never developed the habit of stocking up thoroughly for a long period of time. I’ve always shopped for food two or three times a week.

Back at the campground I did some of the routine chores around the rig. I got the laundry and the dishes done. The laundry was about on schedule, but the dishes had been accumulating in the sink longer than normal. It works much better when you clean the dishes after each use, but in the heat and slight exhaustion of the commute they weren’t getting done.

The campground really started to fill up tonight with the holiday weekenders. The site on my front side is now full. The people brought in a travel trailer pulled by a work van. I get the impression the trailer gets used only occasionally. There were a few little things I observed while they were setting up that generated that opinion.

It was only after they disconnected the trailer from the van that they checked for level side to side. At that point it was to late to raise the low side with boards under the wheels without reconnecting it. They are living in a tilted trailer. The other observation was that the guy needed extra lengths of sewer hose to reach the connection. He either doesn’t have the correct connectors or is paranoid (probably with justification). At each connection, he added a good two or three wraps of white duck tape. The weekend fun is only just beginning.

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