A Regular Tuesday

Tuesday June 28th 2016

Despite the weather forecasts, it hasn’t rained in the last 24 hours here a the campground. Lines of thunderstorms have been going through the area, but so far they have all passed to the north.

On my drive north this morning I passed over roads that were drying from earlier rains but I didn’t encounter any rain until I was almost to the house. Then it was only a heavy mist or wet fog. By noon it dried out and the sun threatened to come out and add to the uncomfortable humidity.

Today I was back to working in the cellar. I disconnected the old washer and dryer so I can get a junk-man to come and get them. They haven’t worked in years. In addition to the washer and dryer I have a pile of debris in one corner of the basement that needs to be taken away.

The drive back to the campground was uneventful. Weather wise it was the opposite from the AM trip. As I got further south it got cloudier. I started with sun glasses on and needed to take them off midway to realize it was still daylight.


Close up of one of the flowers in bloom.

The campground has a few more travelers in for a night or two. I’ve taken to reading the yellow window tags that indicate the day of departure. Most of the new arrivals are gone before next weekend. The arrivals for the holiday weekend will probably be Thursday and Friday. From the sounds around the campground, I’d say there are fewer kids here tonight. It took a good five minutes to upload the picture.

The internet service at the campground is really slow tonight.  I’ve been using the campground WiFi to save on my cellular data usage.  If it continues at this rate I’ll have to go back to the cellular modem.  It took over five minutes to upload the picture in this post.

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